“seila, n aparece oq tu me manda”


ain não entendo isso, jah tentei te escrever de todas as formas!! hauaha

“i was curious, because you started posting more about the subject when Emma gave her speech, but were just a few. And some of your posts confuses me about it. It was just a "yes" o "no" kind of response question, nevermind. I hope you didn't get offended.”


yes then

“I see you do lots of exercise, and I'm newbie on the subject, and sometimes I get too tired and drink much water, and later my stomach kinda hurts when i try to continue with my routine.... How much water do you drink? Or you drink later when you finish? Or depends of the intensity of the workout? IDK D= Also I've been reading about oat, is it any good to begin my new diet if i add some? I've never ate oat before. Sorry for all my questions, im trying a good beginning...”


i drink by feel, some days more than others, it depends of the weather, humidity or the intensity of the workout
also im on a paleo diet so i dont eat oats or basically any grains :/ i think there are way better options than oats👍
try going on marksdailyapple.com he has lots of info about paleo and stuff like that😊

“excuse me, are those really your eyes? Bcs in some old photos they look really light blue and in the recent ones they look really dark blue, like a night sky and the pupil does not change it size when exposed to light. Don't misunderstand me, you have beautiful eyes, thats maybe why i just can't believe they're real LOL”


they’re eye contacts so technically they’re mine ‘cause i bought them😋

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